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Senior Level Business, Technology Consultancy, and Implementation Services
for Telecom Operators

QROI is led by Senior Telecom Executives with more than 30 years of experience in global Telecom Markets. Our executives have held multiple CxO level positions in various Telecom Operators globally and our Management Team has been engaged with several establishments of Mobile Operators in Europe, Russia, ex-CIS countries, and Asia.

Through its experience and its specialized partner companies, QROI has the capability to:

  • Set up a complete functional organization structure for a modern new operator according to country specific requirements

  • Implement top level Management Structure

  • Create Marketing and Sales functions (CMO Office)

  • Establish CFO Office

  • Establish COO Office, including Administration and Legal

  • Set up company level Procurement Unit

  • Establish and Implement Technical Department (CTO Office)

  • Lead the Framework towards the Company’s long term strategy

QROI’s consultancy and implementation services cover the end-to-end establishment of a new operator:

  • Setting up a new Telecom Operator Company

  • Preparation of Business Plan

  • Preparation of Technical Solution according to Business Plan

  • Preparation and submission of License Application

  • Conducting the License Negotiations with Regulator

  • Finalizing the selection of most suitable and efficient technologies to be used

  • Identifying potential investors and carrying out the negotiations

  • Finalizing Marketing and Roll-out Plans according to Business Plan and Company Strategy

  • Defining the procurement Process for the Company

  • Conducting the negotiations with all selected vendors and finalizing the contracts

  • Organizing the new operator kick-off for starting Company’s Commercial Operation

  • Managing the end-to-end Network build-out within the budget and schedule

  • Organizing the Operation and Maintenance function from day one

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