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Technology Solutions

Network Analysis & Enhancement

Network E2E Assessment

Monetization through big data analysis

Revenue Loss/Revenue Potential Detection

Predictive Revenue Analysis

Network Design

Radio Network Planning

Transport Network Planning

Core Network Planning

Fiber Optic Network Planning

VSAT network Planning

Network Performance Management

Service Area Traffic Geo-Location

Automated Network Topology

E2E Performance Monitoring

E2E Network Optimization

Business Solutions

Business Consultancy

Business Analytics & Investment Planning

RFQ Preparation & Bid Management

Training/Competence Transfer

Vendor & Supply Chain Management

Price Benchmarking & Supplier  Evaluation 

Vendor Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Procurement and Contract Management

Operational Efficiency

CAPEX and OPEX optimization

Green Energy Systems’ Design and Operation

Grid less Telecom Site Implementation


Deployment Solutions

Project Management

Radio Network & Data Centre Rollout

OSP & FTT(x) Construction, Engineering and Automated Field Management

VSAT & RBS Program Management

PMR, Security & Access Transport

Private Mobile Networks

OSP & FTT(x) Last Mile

Satellite Connectivity

Implementation, Construction, Energy & Material

Site Energy Solutions

Civil Works Solutions

Telecom Implementation, Equipment and Installation material Solutions

Field Services Operations

Passive Infrastructure Implementation

Active Infrastructure Implementation

Managed Services on Passive and Active Infra. components

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