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Technology Solutions

Network Analysis

Network E2E Assessment and Recommendations

Automated E2E Network Topology

Network Design

Radio Network Planning

Transport Network Planning

Core/IP Network Planning

Network Optimization

Network E2E Optimization

Vendor Independent Network Performance Monitoring

Business Solutions

Business Consultancy

Business Analytics & Monetization

Investment Planning
RFQ Preparation & Bid Management
Competence Transfer

Vendor & Supply Chain Management

Price Benchmarking & Supplier Evaluation
Vendor Management
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Procurement and Contract Management Support

Operational Efficiency

CAPEZ & OPEX Optimization
Energy Systems Design
Field Operation Establishment & Management


Deployment Solutions

Project Management

End-to-end Project Management

Radio Network & Data Center Rollout
OSP & FTT(x) Construction, Engineering & Automated Field Management
VSAT Network Design & Project Management 

PMR, Security, and Access Transport

Private Mobile Networks

Mesh Transport

OSP & FTT(x) Last Mile

Implementation, Construction, Power & Material

Site Energy Solutions
Civil Works Solutions
Telecom Implementation, Equipment & Installation Material Solutions

Field Services Operations

Passive Infrastructure Implementation

Active Infrastructure Implementation

Managed Services on Passive & Active Infrastructure components

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